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Type of wine: Rosé Wine.

Year: No info.

Producer: Sociedade dos Vinhos Borges.

Grapes: Unspecified Português grapes.

Alcohol: 10.5%.

Classification: Vinho de mesa.

Shop: Nordjysk Vinimport (More shops).

Price: DKK 55.-..

Rating in Martins: Not rated.

Unlike the White Gatão, the rosé wine is not a vinho verde and it is not carbonised. On the other hand, the percentage of alcohol is as low as in a vinho verde. The grapes, which are not specified, are grown in several Portuguese wine regions. It is an exceptionally dark rosé wine with strawberry flavors, fine acid and a little sweetness. The wine may be a bit too sweet for food, but suitable as an aperitif.

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