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Vinho Tinto Eternal Wine Book

The Eternal Winebook

This is my personal version of an eternal Book of Portuguese Wines. The book is eternal in the way that it never stays the same. Now and then new pages are added, or the old pages are rewritten, updated or corrected.

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Vinhos de Portugal 2018

Wine publications Posted on Fri, December 15, 2017 10:42:09

Martins, João Paulo

€ 10,79 (eBog) at Leya.

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Two years have passed since the last edition of Vinhos de Portugal was launched, but here is the 2018-edition. This time the book contains a chapter on Vinho Verde varietals made from Alvarinho. Apart from that everything is the same, – only the wines are new.

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Wine Grapes

Wine publications Posted on Wed, March 15, 2017 09:33:28

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A complete guide to 1368 vine varieties, including their origins and flavours.

Price: DKK 149.- on Google Play.

I purchased this English eBook, which is an annotated list of about 1400 grapes from many different countries, among them 77 Portuguese grapes. Using the search function, it is easy to identify the different grapes, so you can read about their origin, where they are grown, how they taste and their synonyms.

The book is written by Jancis Robinson and Julia Harding, who works at and José Vouillamoz, a botanist specializing in grape genetics. Very interesting book.

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The Algarve wine guide

Wine publications Posted on Thu, February 09, 2017 17:30:06

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Not many wines from the Algarve are sold in Denmark, and there are not that many winemakers in the Algarve. I’ve taste some very nice red Algarve Wines, and I hope to get to taste more from other manufacturers. For people traveling to the Algarve, a booklet with a discussion of the various producers in the Algarve and their wines has been issued. The 2014 edition is, as I can see only been published in Portuguese and can be downloaded here. An older English version is also available.

The booklet tells about the Algarve regions characteristics and about the individual wine producers in the different DOC areas. For each wine, the grapes used are listed and dishes are recommended. It is also indicated which producers that accepts visits, as well as contact information. Nice in printing or as a PDF, when you go to Algarve.

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Vinhos de Portugal 2016, Notas de prova

Wine publications Posted on Wed, June 22, 2016 10:09:25

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Author: João Paulo Martins

Publisher: Oficina do Livro.

For those who read Portuguese, “Vinhos de Portugal” is a very interesting book. It is a collection of wine notes, that has been published for over 20 years. As far as I know, the book has only been published in the Portuguese language. The first part of the book concerns Portuguese wines which in Portugal are priced below 4 Euros a bottle. Many of these wines can be bought in Denmark but at a price which of course is higher than 4 Euro.

The remaining part of the book is divided into sections describing wines from Portugal’s different wine regions. Each wine has a description of color, flavor and taste as well as a rating (0-20). At the same time, it is indicated whether the wine is ready for immediate consumption, or whether it should be stored. At the end of each section the best wines of the year and recommended wines are listed.

I use the eBook edition as a reference when I decide which wines to buy. It is interesting to see the wines rated by an experienced author with huge knowledge of Portuguese wine. My taste is often different from that of the author, but it is always fun to see if one agree or disagree. The search function in the eBook makes it easy to find the wines that you wish to see described.

I buy the eBook (pdf format) on Leya Online, where previous editions are on sale as well.

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