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Type of wine: White wine.

Year: 2016.

Producer: Madeira Wine Company.

Grapes: Verdelho.

Alcohol: 11%

Classification: DOP Madeirense.

Shop: Pingo Doce, Shopping Anadia, Funchal (More shops).

Price: € 10,99.

Rating in Martins: Not rated.

In 1811, Englishman John Blandy founded a company in Funchal, Madeira, which produced Madeira Wine. Today, Blandy is a part of Madeira Wine Company, which produced this white wine I. I have previously tasted the corresponding rosé wine, which I liked. Unfortunately, I’m not fond about this white wine, which is made 100% on Verdelhodruen, one of the traditional grapes for the making of Madeira wine.

It is a yellow wine with scents of citrus, passion fruit and marzipan. Very heavy but sour wine. I did not like it at all for salad and sandwich, and it is totally unsuitable as an aperitif. Perhaps it suits other types of food, but I doubt it.

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